Machine-Learning data analysis that global F&B companies are using

Hato Hunch is a service that empowers F&B companies to run marketing campaigns that are driven by real customers data and insights, just like global F&B brands


Sets of customers segments (based on behaviors and spending) as well as each segment characteristics

Generate leads for each segment

Execute campaigns and measure results

BI Dashboardy

Daily sales

Slice key metrics by key dimension, e.g., location, customer segment, time, delivery method, payment, etc.

Find best / worst selling menus

(Membership) Find a menu that drives repeating customers

Ticket size

Ticket count

Service time

Delivery order

Churn Prediction (Who)

Leads of the churning customers

2 rounds of implemented campaigns in LINE or SMS to get them come back

Promotion Recommendation/ Personalized Promotion (What)

Daily sales

Implementing campaigns thru LINE or SMS



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